Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Peru Mission Day 9

On Monday evening we got to the airport about 7:30pm. The idea was that we would checkin, go get something to eat, then go through security and get to our gate in plenty of time for our flight, which was supposed to leave at midnight. Unfortunately, they didn't open the desk for checkin until 10pm, so we went in groups and got dinner, then checked in. Everything went smoothly. When we arrived in Mexico City at 6:30am we went through Immigration then got our luggage, went through Customs, and put our luggage on the transfer belt. Only our team supplies bag was held up. Adriana and I waited for the Federales to come and search the bag, explaining that the fake guns and knives and money were props for dramas, and that we weren't bringing the balloons and balloon pumps through to sell. Everyone got breakfast, then we boarded our flight. Three of our team members were selected for "random" search. No problems. We arrived at JFK early, but took quite a while to taxi before being towed to our gate. All people and luggage made it home safely and there were a lot of happy parents there to greet us.

Our awesome bus driver for the week in Peru.

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