Thursday, July 18, 2013

Georgia Mission Day 4

I am still wading through 700 pictures from yesterday, so I am only posting a couple of shots. This is what happens when I allow the kids to use the camera. lol!

We had an incredible day. First stop was at The Village - a brand new camp opening next week. We met with the Camp Director and visionary of the camp, Robert Willis. He and his brother Kevin Willis, who is a retired NBA player have a vision of a camp where kids who are at high risk of not being adopted can come and find hope, healing, have fun, learn life skills, and possibly meet their future families. It was unbelievable. We were asked to come out and tour the facilities and pray for Robert and the camp. At first our kids were wondering why we would go all the way out "just to pray", but we assured them that prayer is powerful and what we were doing was so significant! Our battle is not against flesh and blood; it's spiritual. We had a wonderful time and it was so great hearing our kids pray.

Next stop was lunch - Tatertot casserole, which Dominic Dantona was especially excited about! It was awesome! We then went to the Toccoa YMCA where we did our dance, several kids shared testimonies, and we played with kids. Everyone of our team members was fully engaged. We then went to an assisted living facility where we visited with probably 10 residents and prayed with them.

We then came back to Toccoa Falls College where we visited the Toccoa Falls (yes, the school owns the falls!). It was stunning and so fun! At one point we turned around and Jim and a bunch of the students had given into the temptation of the water. They went from wading to full on swimming in their clothes. Lots of laughter. Unfortunately, they had missed the "No Swimming" sign, so we had them all get out. Too bad, because it looked so refreshing and fun! After a quick change, we took sack lunches, loaded into the vans, and drove an hour and a half to the Potter's House Men's Recovery home where we ministered to 300 men! The team members remaining who had not shared their testimonies did so (ALL of the team members shared their stories on this trip!!!! Way to go!!!!) and did so great! We did our dance and drama, and Jim Owens preached and did a fabulous job!

On the way home we had a real treat. I walked into Bojangles (a chicken restaurant) and told the manager, "Don't panic..." (I can just imagine what was going through her head: Am I about to get robbed?!) I have 48 people coming in here. BUT, they are not all getting in line. I'm going to make this as simple and as easy as possible for you." She looked like a deer caught in headlights. I ordered 45 chicken finger meals and 3 grilled chicken meals (for our Glutton free kids), and the staff was so awesome! Our team had a blast! We arrived back at camp at midnight. I dropped the team off then headed to Walmart to get supplies. Got home at 2am, and got to bed at 3am. Very full, very great day!

Pastor Kevin

This gentleman was 100 years old!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! A privilege to serve and such blessings that follow !! Proud to see so many youth committed to Him! Dianne & Frank Martone