Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peru Mission Day 2

Well, last night we loaded our plane fine in New York. We didn't get in the air until an hour after we were supposed to depart, so that made our Mexico City connection a fun race through Immigration, Customs, rechecking our bags, going through security, and straight to boarding our flight to Peru. It was an adventure, but everyone did a great job sticking together and we made our connection. The flight to Lima consisted of everyone sleeping. We arrived early, everyone got all their luggage, and we got through the airport fine. Jonathon Edwards and the pastor met us and we loaded the bus and enjoyed very much the traffic on the way to the church. New York City traffic is nothing! lol!

We are now settling into our rooms, sorting team supplies, and getting money exchanged. Everyone is in good spirits. Thanks for your prayers!

Mexico City 
All luggage received in Peru!

Jonathon Edwards

The church we're staying at and working with.

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Nana and Squig said...

Glad you guys got there safely! We miss you and we will keep praying for you guys!