Friday, July 5, 2013

Peru Mission Day 4

This morning we had student-led group devotions at 7:15am, breakfast at 8am, then at 8:30am half of the team went to another school across the street from the church. Some of the kids painted a small wall while the others went to classrooms and interacted with the elementary students in the classrooms. They also made balloon animals and played with the kids during recess. The other half of the team stayed at the church and finish painting the outside doors and handrails of the church and painted a gate for the community. After lunch they cleaned their rooms, the bathrooms, all the chairs of the church, and the floors and entire stairwell. To celebrate the 4th of July we had Domino's Pizza and played some fun group games. We then ran through all of our skits and dramas then had our group devotions. Tomorrow morning we are getting up early to go and visit the ruins of Pachacamac. After lunch we will be going around to several parks near the church to do street ministry.

A few prayer points. Aaron woke up with a fever this morning. We took him to the doctor and he received some antibiotics. He spent the day resting and is feeling much better, praise God. Adriana also felt a bit warm this evening, so pray that it does not turn into anything. Finally, today at the school I was playing basketball with the kids. The cement outdoor court was wet from rain, and when I went up for a layup, my feet came out from under me and I landed smack on my lower back very hard. I had back surgery down there a few years ago. Please pray nothing was damaged. Right now I am very sore, but it feels like deep muscular pain. Thanks for praying for us all!

Celebrating the 4th of July

To see all the pics from the trip, click here.


darlene benz said...

Looks like you are having fun!! We will be praying for Aaron, Ady and Kevin that your back would be completely restored.
Love these photos. Thanks for the updates they are so great.

Big Hugs to Steven and Brad and Julia too!!!

darlene benz said...

Sending our love to all of you. Noah (you rock) and Alexa (praying for you)and Althea (I like the photo of you making the balloon animal) Aaron feel better, Ady don't get sick, Julia you are an amazing lady. Natalie xoxox, Rebecca, Rachel your terrific. Brad I love the photos of you and Claire. I could say something about all of you but you probably don't want to hear from this middle aged lady!!!

Chris Schuman said...

miss being with you guys so much!

Josh M said...

I guess even New Yorkers will settle for Domino's Pizza when in Peru!