Monday, July 22, 2013

Dropping Off At Camp, Cincinnati Reds, AND Randomly Running Into Relatives 670 Miles From Home!!!

On Friday night we arrived home from our Georgia Missions Trip. On Saturday evening, at 6:30pm, after Adriana finished work, we loaded the car and hit the road. We drove to Pittsburgh, checked into our hotel at 2am, got 3 hours of sleep, then got up and hit the road again early Sunday morning, driving to Ohio where we dropped Claudia off for Camp Electric at Cedarville University. Adriana almost cried as it felt like we were dropping her off at college (which we will be doing in just 3 short years!). We're excited for Clau and praying for a great week of not only honing her musical skills, but also of an awesome encounter with God and building friendships.

After saying farewell to Claudia we drove to Cincinnati where Natalia and I went to a Reds game I sent my parents a picture of Natalia at the stadium. Mom then texted her sister Sarah (who used to live in Cincinnati, and now lives in Indianapolis) to tell her that we would be in Cinci for a few days. My Aunt Sarah texted her back saying that, coincidentally, she and my Uncle John were actually in Cincinnati, and were at Great American Ballpark watching the Reds play the Pirates with some of my other distant relatives. WHAT? Yep! We were both at the stadium! We got on the phone with each other and soon I spotted them waving at us just above the 3rd base dugout. I snapped a pictured of them waving at us, and Aunt Sarah said that while she was waving, they actually projected them on the jumbo tron, which we were unable to see as it was above our heads. We met up, and they actually had 2 extra seats, so we went down and sat with them for the rest of the game. Afterward we met up with Adriana and all enjoyed dinner together. So fun! I was wondering, what would the betting odds be that an aunt from Indianaopis and her nephew from New York would wind up in Cincinnati, on the same day, at the same stadium! As my wife put it: Either the world is too small, or the Larkin family is too big. lol!

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