Friday, July 5, 2013

Peru Mission Day 5

This morning we had breakfast at 7am, followed by devotions, then at 8am we loaded the bus and drove an hour along the scenic route through Lima, along the coast, to the Pachacamac Ruins. We had a neat tour and climbed to the top of one of the pyramid temples. Unfortunately Steven Benz responded badly to the pizza last night and was throwing up and unable to join us. We have a wonderful American missionary named Cheryl here who mothered him while we were out. As of this writing he is feeling much better and has stopped vomiting, thank God. We drove back to the church, had lunch, then took our team out on the street to do ministry. We made balloon animals, did our dances and dramas, and handed out flyers inviting people to the church. We then went to a park, made more balloon animals, did face painting, and played soccer with the kids. After a while we called a timeout and invited everyone to come over and we did our dances and dramas. Some teenagers were in the park break dancing, so we invited them to come over and dance to some of our music, which they did along with Ren Jainarine from our team. I closed by sharing a simple gospel message, and a man from the church invited them to come on Sunday with their families. Got home about 6pm. Ate dinner and read the blog comments and messages to the team. About to have our group devotions. Thanks for your continued prayers. Other than a few people getting minimally sick, everyone is in good spirits.

See all the trip pics here.

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Anonymous said...

God is showering you all with blessings! What an impact you have made in such a short time. I am praying for each one's health to be improved for the ending of this mission and the trip home. You were all missed at church this am. Love to you all, Becky Crabtree