Saturday, July 27, 2013

2 Books I Just Finished

Here are two great books I read over the past two weeks. Coincidentally, both involved the outdoors; specifically Colorado, one of my favorite states ever! 

Wisdom Chaser by Nathan Foster is his story of growing up the son of famed author Richard Foster, and how their distant relationship was healed and deepened by their shared experience of hiking in the Colorado Rockies. 

After the Fall by Craig Demartino is his story of surviving a 100 foot free-fall while rock climbing. Through incredible pain, confusion, and doubt, his faith was put to the ultimate of tests. The accident eventually led to him having his leg amputated. Figuring all of his hopes and dreams were gone, and that his life was over, he found rather that God was opening up doors for his life to be much more than he had ever imagined. 

Both authentic stories. Easy to read. Powerful life lessons. 

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