Monday, July 15, 2013

Georgia Mission Day 2

Wow! What a day! This morning we had breakfast at 8am followed by small group devotions. At 10am one of our groups went to work at the Salvation Army, and the other 3 groups headed to the Boys and Girls Club. The group at the Salvation Army moved some donated goods. The others did their dance to "Who Am I?". We then spent another hour plus playing with the kids. Some of our students asked the children if they wanted to learn the dance we had done, and a lot of them did, so they taught it to them. So great! We also made balloon animals, did face painting, played basketball, parachute, football, and more with the kids. Every one of the team did great engaging with the children! We then went to Pastor Lenny's house where a group of 8 students practiced the "Everything" drama. We also played a little basketball and hung out until lunch - hamburgers and hotdogs. We then went inside and enjoyed the much-needed air conditioning and heard from a young married couple who is heading off to India as missionaries, and were challenged to be radical for Jesus by a friend of Pastor Lenny's named Sister Sherry. We returned to our dormitory at Toccoa Falls Christian College, and the team of 8 finished learning the "Everything" drama. At 5pm we loaded up and drove to Heart Ministries - a recovery home for women trying to overcome addictions. The kids were incredible! We did our dance and drama, and there was not a dry eye in the place! So powerful! We also had our first round of student testimonies. Saul, Grace, Kate, Daniel, and Natalia all shared and did excellent! So proud of them! MaryAnn Dantona then shared a word with the ladies and we ended with a beautiful time of prayer and lots of hugs. The ladies were so appreciative of our team coming. On the way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up some supplies and saw a gorgeous rainbow and an unbelievable sky filled with colors. Back at the dormitory we had dinner and read blog comments. Full day of ministry! More tomorrow!

See all the pics here.

The awesome JoAnne who flew down from Long Island to cook for our team!

Some of Pastor Lenny's sons doing a rap


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Anonymous said...

So proud of all of you! I remeber going to all those places like three years ago and it's really awesome deign you guys there serving! Hope your having a great time! Btw love you squigg! Tell all the cannons I miss them!
Love clau

Anonymous said...

hey guys! You're all doing a really awesome job! Its really cool seeing you guys in the same places I was 3 years ago! keep up all the hard work and have tons of fun!!! Love you all! ( especially squigg and dad ) haha give the cannons hugs for me!
love clau

Jen Halfant said...

Hey guys! Jen Halfant, here :) It's so cool to be on the other side of these posts (I was in Peru last week and so now I know how all the parents felt, getting to see updates and stuff!) ! I am so excited about the work ya'll are doing down in GA. You guys totally owned us in regards to the face painting! I know some of you may be asking, "how is face painting and making balloon animals considered work to be done on a missions trip?" I know some of the HS kids struggled with that...and the answer is simple: you guys are doing it IN love and FOR God. You have no idea the impact you are having on the lives of those you are playing and interacting with! The fact that those kids were so excited to learn the "Who Am I" dance is just so encouraging! Keep doing everything in LOVE and He will bless your time down there! Prayers for safety and health for everyone there! Have fun! And if you should happen to feel the urge to bring me back Chick Fil A .... follow that urge! :)

Natalie Owens said...

Dear juliette,

Heyyy guuurrrlllll!!!!! i miss you a lot, and i hope your having so much fun! i am so proud of you darling face. i am sleeping in your room this week by the way (hope you dont mind)

Love You a lot

Your favorite and most perfect sister ever, Natalie

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalia crank it like a chainsaw!!! Lol we r watching it video soooo funy! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun, you guys!! So proud of you all. Keep up the good work - you are all a huge blessing!!!