Wednesday, October 31, 2012

California to New York Day 9

This morning I said farewell and left my sister Naomi's house at 9:30am. I stopped for lunch in Ohio and realized that Grove City College was just 3 miles off the highway, so I swung by. One of my former students, Christian Prezzano, attends, so I tried to say hello to him, but unfortunately he was in class. I texted and left him a voicemail to let him know I had stopped by. I then drove to my Larkin grandparents' house in the town of Tidioute, PA. My grandmother and I pulled in at the same time. She had driven to Pittsburgh this morning to drop my grandfather off at the airport for his flight to Tanzania, Africa. My Aunt Bethany, Uncle Terry, and cousin Kelsie came over, and my cousin Erika made us a great dinner. After dinner I talked with Adriana and we searched the internet for the latest on the affects of the hurricane and discovered that there are restrictions on the bridges into NYC tomorrow and Friday. Most of the bridges are only open to vehicles carrying 3 passengers from 6am-midnight, which means that the one bridge I'll need to take is going to be crazy. I debated leaving tonight, but after considering it with Adriana, decided that my best bet is probably going to be leaving tomorrow night and trying to cross the bridge in the wee hours of the morning on Friday. We also found out that our movers will not be arriving with our belongings until the 7th, which means another week of being unsettled in addition to the hurricane issues. Adriana and the girls are spending the night with my sister and Ady's brother (They're married. It's not incest. I promise! Do the math.) as they have power and hot water. Please pray for the people that have been impacted by this storm and that the areas affected will recover quickly. We are hearing anywhere from a week to 10 days, and even heard mention that it could take up to a month for power to be restored in some areas on Long Island. 

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