Sunday, October 28, 2012

California to New York Day 6

With the impending storm targeting Long Island, I've decided to spend a little more time with my parents here in Chicago. This morning we went to their church (Willow Creek) and heard a fantastic message on wisdom by Bill Hybles. After church we had lunch then came home and dad and I worked on the van to try and permanently fix the radiator hose issue we had patched up in Arizona. (When I say Dad and I worked on the van, I mean Dad did the work and I handed him tools. lol!) I then went for a walk with Mom and the dogs (below is a pic of the dog Mom got Dad as a surprise). Afterward we ruined the exercise and I bought my parents their first 5 Guys burgers. They enjoyed them.

Yes, she really is my mother. No, I am not adopted.

Mom and Dad's New Dog! 

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Jennifer Halloran-Moyer said...

Kev...your ma does not age..she looks the same as she did when we were fifteen...beautiful as ever...they are really gonna start thinkin' your dad robbed the cradle.; -) glad to hear you're coming back to the east coast. Love ya brother.