Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Special Youth Ministry Giveaway!

There's nothing like FREE stuff!

On Friday, October 19th I'll be giving away a FREE copy of Darren Sutton's brand new book Everyone's Called to Youth Ministry ... They Just Don't Know It.

Here's how YOU can win ...

I'm looking for great stories about the impact of volunteers in youth ministry.

  • Leave a comment with your best story about a volunteer investing in a student and how that impacted the student's life in a positive way. (What did they do that was meaningful? How did they establish and build the relationship? etc.) 
  • Include your e-mail address to be contacted should you win.
  • Bonus entries for each Tweet and Facebook share of this contest link.

1 comment:

mike kupferer said...

I had a wonderful volunteer who would spend time with the girls in the group at unscheduled times. She would have them over to her house, they would help get her kids to bed, they would sit around and talk. She even did a reading club with them one summer.
Even after graduating, the girls still contacted her when they needed to talk or had questions.