Thursday, October 25, 2012

California to New York Day 2

On Wednesday we left my Aunt Cindy's house and drove north in Arizona. We pulled off to go to Sedona and when we got to the stop sign smoke was coming out from the hood, so we pulled over. Radiator fluid had sprayed everywhere. We put water in the radiator and drove 5 miles to a service station and were met by just the kind of guy we needed to see at that moment - a true mechanic who said, "Pull it right in." A plastic connector had cracked and was spraying. It was a dealer part, but the guy was able to disconnect the rear heater hose and do a temporary fix. We will call in the parts in Chicago and fix it ourselves permanently. It was a cheap fix and we were on the road with only an hour lost. Decided to bypass Sedona and get up to the Grand Canyon. We were just going to stay for an hour or so, but it was just too beautiful and we ended up staying through sunset. We then drove about 5 hours up to Moab, Utah for the night, arriving at midnight. Today we are going to Arches National Park then driving through the Rockies in Colorado and will spend the night in Estes Park. Having fun Father-Son time!

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