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"I Feel I Need to Step Down from Youth Ministry"

"I feel I need to step down from the youth ministry."

Ugh! I hate hearing those words! Especially when they come from a beloved volunteer. Especially when they have done nothing wrong.

I recently received just such a call from just such a person. He is a talented and beloved volunteer youth worker. He had done nothing wrong. It was just that his work schedule was crazy and he felt he couldn't be as committed as he wanted to be.

What would you do in a situation like this? How would you respond?

Here's how I responded:

  1. I Acknowledged his Situation. Work schedules change. Family situations arise. Life happens. When changes happen in the lives of our volunteers, as much as they would love to drop everything else, the reality is that volunteering often ends up on the chopping block.
  2. I Affirmed his Efforts. I thanked him for all he had done for our students. I told him of the great compliments I had heard about him from parents and how much the kids liked him. He needed to know that his efforts made an impact, that we valued him as a person, and that he would be missed. 
  3. I Asked him to Reimagine rather than Resign. Lastly, since he was not stepping down for unhealthy reasons or because he was simply worn out, I asked him if he would be interested in helping out from time to time as his schedule allowed. He instantly jumped at the suggestion. I told him that we would keep him on our communication list with (a) no expectations, and (b) an open invitation that if he saw something he could participate in he could contact us to help out. I also asked if I could call him from time to time if we were in a pinch. Finally, I asked him to keep us in mind if his situation changes again.
Rather than losing a great youth worker, we were able to work with his new reality and keep the door open for his involvement. A win-win for all.

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Winter Retreat Rules Video

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rock Sr. High Retreat Day 1

We arrived safely and had out first session. Did a fun crowd mixer then Brad and Rebekah led us worship and Pastor Kevin spoke on Identity. Following the message we had small groups. Students are now off to bed. Here are 2 videos we showed during the message. Enjoy!

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Drive: What Motivates Us

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Did You Know?

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Vote: Which Movie Would You Want to See

Daddy Daughter Date with Natalia

Tonight I enjoyed going out on a Daddy-Daughter Date with my 11-year old daughter Natalia. We had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory then went bowling. Lots of fun and good conversations! Some of my favorite quotes:

"You're going to be walking me down the aisle." Then she said the magic words: "Not soon."

"Dad, can u believe in 12 1/2 more years your going be walking down the aisle?! I'm getting married at 24."

She's quite the planner!

Which Dog is Guilty?

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The Power of Community

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2 Great Books to Read & Give Your Friends!

I am excited to announce two awesome new books by my friend and co-pastor Gregg Farah which are now available for purchase: 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith, and 52 Reasons to Believe. You can also download them as a bundle from Below is a description of the books:

52 WAYS TO GROW YOUR FAITH … will liberate you from thinking the only way to grow spiritually requires reading and praying. Instead, learn to grow spiritually while walking, driving, or working out. 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith will jump-start a stalled faith, provide a road map for a new faith, and energize an active faith. Use this resource with friends in a weekly study group or on your own–but get ready to try new ways to grow your faith.

52 REASONS TO BELIEVE … is a devotional theology book, offering biblical teaching on foundational truths of the Christian faith. Not only will you learn what the Bible says about itself and God, but you’ll discover how they relate to contemporary life. Learn on your own or with a group, but expect to develop a stronger faith with 52 Reasons to Believe.
Who are these books for? Many want a rich, active faith, but feel ill-equipped to achieve that goal. The 52 Series is the perfect resource for new Christians, spiritual seekers, or seasoned believers. Whether you’re taking your first steps, gaining a big-picture overview of Christianity, or looking to refresh your faith, this series will help. They’re great books to read on your own, but they’re even better when read and discussed in a group.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Book You Can Read in 30 Minutes That Will Impact The Rest of Your Life

You're probably wondering right now why this post looks funny.
You're probably thinking: Why did Kevin right-align this?
I don't like it.
It's weird.
It's different. 
It's not what I'm used to.
You might be contemplating whether you should just stop reading.

Life is full of it. 
It's inevitable. 
Our family has been through a lot of it the past few years. 
We're going through it as I write this. 
I bet you are too. 

There is an amazingly powerful little story about 2 mice and 2 Littlepeople that every person needs to read. 
In fact, millions have already read it. 
If you haven't you need to. 
Last night we finished reading it as a family. 
It's a short story that will have lifelong impact on how you view change
It's called Who Moved My Cheese
Whether you are young or old, do yourself a favor and read this book. 
If you have 30 minutes right now, don't even bother getting up. 
Download it as a PDF and read it for free here
Have I said you need to read this book yet? 
OK, I'm done.
Stop reading this post about the book and start reading the book itself. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Look Who's 15!

Today is our oldest daughter Claudia's 15th birthday! Claudia is beautiful, witty, kind, creative, artistic, smart, and a very talented musician. She loves Family Force 5 and Honey Boo Boo. We are so proud of her and excited about her future which is filled with hope and promise in Jesus. Happy Birthday Claudia!!!!!

Everybody Needs A Jim Frew

It's the call you never want to receive. Your best friend has been tragically killed in a automobile accident.

It was May 30, 1996 when my father, Kevin Sr. received just such a call. Jim Frew - Dad's best friend - was on a missions trip in Mexico when a van coming down a mountain lost its brakes and struck their vehicle, sending it careening down a 600' cliff. Jim, his eldest son Jimmy, and two ladies on their team were killed in the accident.

My dad and I recently visited Jim's widow Lori in Nebraska and spent some time with her and her family. I remembered Jim from my childhood, and it was neat hearing stories about his life. During our drive home I asked Dad to tell me more about Jim, and what made him an exemplary, inspirational, great friend. Here's what he said:

Jim was a Family Man. He always spoke highly of his wife and sons. He included his wife in decisions and didn't purchase even books without checking with her. Money was tight and I think Jim knew he would blow the money, so having his wife as a financial accountability partner was good for him.

He really love and cared for his sons. He spent time with them and always tried to attend their school and sports activities. He would spend evenings playing his guitar and singing with them, talking to them about the Lord, and praying with them.

Jim was Authentic. He was the one male friend I could share anything with: frustrations, work issues, life issues, etc. Jim was trustworthy. He always kept confidential things confidential.

Jim Practiced Accountability. We worked out a code of ethics between us. He would walk by my open office door every 10 minutes when I had a female in the office, and I would do the same for him. The funny thing was that his office was at the end of the hall, so me walking by his office probably looked strange to the woman! Being the first time in ministry for both us us and having our wives and kids at home, we wanted to start out on the right ethical foot and avoid any appearance of evil or impropriety.

Jim was Fun. He knew how to laugh and joke and enjoyed life completely. He was always fun to be around. He was self-deprecating. Even in embarrassing situations, Jim was always quick to laugh at himself and never took himself too seriously.

Jim could through a softball over 80 mph. He had a rocket arm. He knew and enjoyed the game, coaching new players, and helping everyone play their positions properly; and he did it without a condescending bone in his body. He chatted with the players on the field and in the dugout, always encouraging and always cracking jokes.

Jim had Solid Friendships. To make friends you have to be a friend. Jim was a friend to many, many people and made each of us feel very special.

Jim was Caring. Jim would give you the shirt off his back. One time he loaned his 35mm camera and equipment to someone. They never returned it! Yet Jim never bothered to go after it. He concluded that the person must have needed it more then he did.

Another time I needed a second set of wheels to travel back and forth to work while leaving the car with my wife. I don't recall making my need known, but one day Jim handed me the keys and deed to his Honda motorcycle. He never had any regret, and never gave it a second thought.

Jim was a Team Player. Jim and I hosted an early morning “live” radio show for 2 years. We always met to discuss the show, line up musical guests, and prepare messages.

Jim was a Man of Prayer. Jim and I met often to pray over family, church situations, missionaries, friends, etc. He never missed an opportunity to pray.

Jim was Respectful. Jim knew his place. He was always honoring of those in authority and respectful to peers with whom he worked.

  • What qualities do you look for in a good friend?
  • How are you a good friend to others?
  • Of the characteristics listed above, which ones would you say you need to grow in?
  • Who is your Jim Frew?
  • Who are you a being a Jim Frew to?