Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Martha Stewart-ish Tip Of The Day

In case you missed it, Adriana left me yesterday. (Before you get all worked up, you can read about it here.)

So, if my Adriana's plan works out, I should lose about 20 pound in the next 2 weeks. She's away, and I can't cook. However, thanks to a great website, I am sabotaging her plan! Thanks to overhearing a conversation I've discovered - a website for meal planning. Of course, I am not planning my own meals or meals for others. Rather, I've played the sympathy card (I'm traumatized by my wife not being home and can't cook to save my life ...) and I am utilizing the meals for "friends in need" feature. I've got so many wonderful people making meals to care for the hungry - me! Totally kidding! 

Know someone whose had a baby? Have a friend in the hospital? Know anyone recovering from surgery? Know a family struggling financially? This is a great website for churches and people that want to help out people in need. I feel a little Martha Stewart-ish posting this, but it sounded like such a practical website I thought I'd share it.

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