Monday, March 14, 2011

Issues in Youth Ministry

Hey youth workers! I am working with some youth pastor friends to come up with a list of a wide variety of youth ministry topics that we wrestle with that have two distinct approaches. For example:
  • Should we keep Jr. & Sr. High together or separate them?
  • Should we have separate worship services for students, or should they worship with their families?
  • Should our main approach be small groups or large groups?
  • Should we shut down our programs in the summer or not?
  • Should graduates be allowed to stick around and become leaders, or should they disconnect for a few years?
Would you be willing to throw some topics on the table that you struggle with, think about, have experimented with? I would so appreciate your input! Thanks!


Katherine said...

Will be praying as you seek Father for this new season with Youth Group.

Anonymous said...

A very important topic that should be considered can or what can the youth ministry do to connect with the unconnected teen.

Jack Hager said...

Should we meet "felt needs" or teach basic doctrine (which, of course, will meet real needs)

Anonymous said...

As a former student I can say absolutely unequivocally you HAVE to keep youth services going in the summer!! That's one of the best times to connect without worrying about the pressure of studying or waking up early...

The Pork Avenger said...

My biggest issues include:
Staying relevant
Finding good help
Getting church support when a majority of your teens aren't necessarily "church kids"
Balancing ministry/ family/ work

Rosie Urdahl said...

An issue that we're wrestling with right now is how to provide opportunities that would allow kids to dig deeper and reach farther in their faith without making the program uninviting or intimidating for their unchurched friends.

Anonymous said...

* I personally think they should be together; especially for the little ones looking up to the older ones as role models. But as well as have events that are suitable and fun for each school group.

*Youth services are a place where students can worship God among their own friends without the awkwardness of their parents watching their every move. (I could never felt as ease to be myself in service knowing my parents are around until i reached around 10th grade)

*Number should not be the primary focus on a group; because we have seen numerous times that it takes one person to make a difference. Give each service the same excitement and passion to spread the good news from the Lord whether it is 5 people or even 50 people.

*Do NOT shut down the programs, instead have moreeee

*Where would I go? =/ i want to help make the youth ministry grow