Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Abolish Youth Groups?

In his documentary “Divided,” young filmmaker Phillip LeClerc asks a question that is prompting theological controversy across the board: “Is age-segregated ministry multiplying or dividing the Church?”

Divided from NCFIC on Vimeo.

Bothered by his generation’s tendency to leave the Church in adolescence, LeClerc interviews teens, theologians, pastors and youth ministers throughout the country to find answers.

He concludes that, because there is no direct example of age-segregated church practices found in Scripture, youth groups and Sunday school should ultimately be abolished. Some find this ... Read the full article by Katie Skero here.


Anonymous said...

you have a link to LeClerc's documentary?

Kevin Mahaffy, Jr. said...

Click on the movie title on the first line of the post...should take you to the movie website.

mswillowgreen said...

This was fantastic, it kinda makes me compare young people of the past to young people of today and the differences in how they relate to Christianity.

Kevin Mahaffy, Jr. said...

mswillowgreen ... did you read the full article? Do you agree that youth groups should be abolished? Or do you think there is a place for youth ministry today? Family dynamics and times have changed. Interested to hear your thoughts.