Friday, March 4, 2011

3,000 Youth Workers

3,000 Youth Workers in one location can only mean one thing ... Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2011 in Chicago, IL. I arrived in Chicago yesterday, took the train downtown where I met up with my dad at his office at Moody Bible Institute. We had a nice lunch together, then after he finished work, he drove me to my hotel where I got checked in, caught a brief nap, then joined about 200 people for our conference leadership dinner. Every time I come to these gatherings I know more and more faces and names, and it's so great to be reunited with wonderful youth ministry friends. I've already had several great conversations, and I am glad to be moving beyond just attending to serving. Back in October I was in Colorado for a week of conference dreaming and planning, and arriving yesterday to see so many of our ideas being implemented was invigorating! I had the privilege of writing the pre-conference devotions, and already several people have said how much they appreciated them. I am also serving on several panels during breakout sessions during the next few days. Excited for what God is going to do!

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Anonymous said...

Great exciting time for you to be renewed and refreshed!! Dianne & Frank