Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How People Change

"Nothing is more obvious than the need for change. Nothing is less obvious than what needs to change and how that change happens," say Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp in their book How People Change which I have just finished reading. I came upon the book at the recommendation of a friend as I was searching for a resource to help someone who is trying to work through some issues in her life. After selecting the book, browsing through it, and giving it to the person who was seeking guidance, I also decided to pick up a copy and read it myself.

It was a good book offering a biblical foundation and approach to life change. It would be a very beneficial for anyone who desires to understand and apply principles for godly change in their life. It would also be good content if you need something to walk a person through any kind of restorative process. My only real critique is that it felt a bit long at times, and my biggest desire is that they would offer it in more of a workbook format. There are chapters filled with good questions and it makes sense that there would be space provided to interact with the material.

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Samuel Sutter said...

I'd echo that recommendation - great writer! Great book!