Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Georgia Mission Day 3

Another day packed with ministry! After breakfast and devotions we headed to the Salvation Army. 1/2 of the team worked in the Thrift Store sorting donations. The other 1/2 went to the community center/church and had a wonderful time mingling with the folks playing cards, doing crafts, and doing puzzles. Natalia was asked to be the receptionist and answer the phone for people calling for assistance. After cleaning up we had bag lunches in the vans and drove 30 minutes to a YMCA where we did our dance, shared the gospel, and played with the kids. We then went to Pastor Lenny's house and the kids enjoyed swimming and popsicles. We returned to the dorms, ate some fruit, showered, and headed out to another women's recovery home. About 100 women were there and we had a powerful time together! They were so enthusiastic about Jesus, and excited that we were there. We did our dance and drama, 6 members of our team shared their testimonies, and MaryAnn shared a word with them. There was so much mutual encouragement happening. Beautiful! Afterward we learned that one woman had spent all day doing everything she could to get herself out of the treatment program. One of the woman simply said, "I know you're out of here tomorrow, but why don't you just come in tonight." After our time of ministry, she reported that she would NOT be checking herself out and would stick with the program. Wow! Praise God! Please pray for her! After our farewells we loaded up, drove back to Toccoa, ate dinner, did more swimming, then had a time for the team to debrief the day. One of Pastor Lenny's sons, Jose, shared his incredible testimony with us! Our team was touched so deeply. We got back about 10:30pm, and the team is finally falling asleep now. A great day! Thanks for your continued prayers.

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Dominic has decided to become one of the Cannon Boys.


Anonymous said...

Soo cool! Natalia I'm glad you got some rxperience as a receptionist! So prud of you baby! You guys seem to be having fun! You guys don't need to be old to make an impact. The Lord can use anybody! As long as we make ourselves available to Him, for Him to work through us and in us! Keep doing an awesome job!
Ps Natalia I miss you honey bun! ;)

Anonymous said...

love all of you and praying for you guys!! your all doing so awesome and I cant wait to hear more some awesome stories when you get home!! give a hug to EVERYONE for me :D!
love you guyys
p.s everyone put one cannon in your luggage! There are enough of you to bring them! miss you guys alot but your doing super awesome! Your little sister misses yall