Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Found This Little Gem While Spring Cleaning

In the Spring cleaning mood, I decided it was time to get into our student ministry closet today. It was my first time venturing into this cave to assess our inventory and get everything organized since joining the church staff 6 months ago. In the very back of the closet I spotted a cooler labeled "Iced Tea." I pulled it out. Then, just out of curiosity, I thought that perhaps I should check and make sure no iced tea was actually inside. The top was a bit difficult to remove. It seemed like some sticky substance was present. After a few attempts I got the lid off, and surprise, surprise ... inside was some sort of slime that apparently used to be Iced Tea! Not sure how long it had been in that closet. Needless to say I didn't drink it, and this cooler is getting a good cleaning. Gotta love youth ministry. lol!

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