Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daughters and Tiaras

Today was a very long, full day of ministry. After working several hours in the office I was pretty much on the go until 9:30pm tonight. BUT, I didn't want to overlook my most important ministry - my own daughters! So, before heading to another town to watch a student in her final field hockey game, I had my daughters hop in the van and come along with me. I knew that the girls had to get back for their weekly small groups, and I had to get back for a meeting with a couple I am marrying in a few weeks, but I wanted to have a bit of quality time with my girls.

If you know me at all, you know that I regularly do Daddy-Daughter Dates with my each of my daughters. So, the other day, when I was greeted by the words "Daddy-Daughter Date Night October 23rd" in an e-mail from Chili's, I jumped all over it. As it happened, it was very close to the high school where the field hockey game was, and I realized we could make it work in the midst of our busy running around. All the girls knew is that I was going to get them dinner. They didn't know that they were going to be greeted by people with "Daddy Daughter Date" written on their shirts, receive goodie bags, tiaras (Yep! Tiaras!), and a framed picture from our dinner. What I love is that this simple thing offered by Chili's encouraged family (specifically fathers to be fathers - so needed today!) and gave us another moment to remember. Thanks for valuing and encouraging family, Chili's! I appreciated the opportunity to make my princesses feel special. I tip my hat to you!

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