Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank You Letter from a Student

Today I received the rare "Thank You" letter from a student who's finishing 8th grade and moving up into our high school ministry. I thought I'd pass along by way of encouragement for those of you who serve in the trenches of youth ministry. What we do is valuable and important! Thanks for loving students!

I had soo much fun last summer and all through my 8th grade year! I had fun getting baptized, joining a small group, and serving! And I cant wait to keep living a life I know how to live because you tought me how to connect with Jesus and you brought me through school ... with your support. And I met so many new people because of the opportunity you guys gave me! (Sorry, I'm like crying right now cuz i have to leave) :'( Thanks so much for being there! :) love you all!

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