Friday, June 15, 2012

The Great Escape ... from the Sauna!

This just in from the category "You can't make this stuff up": 

On Wednesday night I went out and enjoyed a great 4-mile run. Afterward I decided to go sit in the sauna in our clubhouse locker room. With nothing but a bottle of water, I headed over. Drenched with sweat I emerged around 10pm only to discovered that I had been locked in by the night patrol. And there was no interior latch by which I could unlock the door.

Now, you must understand, I am a night owl. I often run at night. We live in a retirement community. Everyone goes into their homes for the night before 8pm. I knew it was useless, but I began pounding on the door. The only window in the place - a blurred out window in the bathroom - had no possibility of being opened, so I began to flick the lights rapidly and randomly, hoping someone might observe this strange sight and come to inquire, but who was I kidding; they were all out for the count by then. 

After 30 minutes of failed signal attempts, and not finding anything whatsoever in the way of useless tools, I finally decided that the sauna rocks (which were still quite warm, by the way) were the only thing I might be able to use. So, I pulled one full-sized one and one that was chipped in half, and began looking for how I might use them while they cooled a bit. I really didn't want to break the window and have to pay for replacement. I finally decided that my only hope was to try and get the pins out of the door hinges. It took some ingenuity, but after about 10 minutes I got them all out. I called the security office to let them know of my harrowing escape and asked them to send the patrolman out to put the hinges back in. Fortunately, it was me who got stuck in there and not one of the elderly folks in our community. Another funny story that will no doubtedly be a great illustration in some talk at some point.

Here they are. The tools of my illustrious escape.

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Kevin Senior said...

Only my son. Glad you watched MacGyver all those years!