Saturday, February 5, 2011

Live Every Moment ...

Today (I guess technically yesterday now that it's past midnight) I had two face-to-face reminders of the importance of living each moment as if it were your last.

First of all, at 6pm the girls and I were on the way to pick up Adriana from work when we got into quite a car accident. The car was [apparently] totaled, but thank God we walked away. It happened literally in a split second and we realized just how quickly life can change or even end.

Then, around 8:30pm we got a call from one of our students, Holly, who informed us that the doctors were not expecting her mother to make it through the night. Four months ago Holly's life was fairly normal. But then she got the news that rocked her world. Her mother had lung cancer and was given less than 6 months to live. My wife and I went straight over to the hospital this evening to be with Holly and her family during their darkest hour. As we talked, we encouraged Holly to cling to God and the hope of the gospel - the power of the resurrection through Jesus, and to live in that reality.

In college we constantly heard the phrase, "Live today in light of eternity." Today that saying was resounding in my ears and permeating my conversations with my wife and daughters. We never know when our time will come, but whenever it happens, let us be found living for Jesus and loving others fully.

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