Monday, July 15, 2013

Georgia Mission Day 1

This morning everyone from the team made it to the airport and everything went smoothly at checkin and getting through security. Our flight was good and the kids were very excited. For at least one of our students it was their first time flying. When we landed we got our luggage and picked up our 3 rental vans, loaded up, and drove to Toccoa. We stopped at Wendy's en route for dinner. When we arrived at Toccoa Falls College, Pastor Lenny Cannon and his family was there to greet us and help us get settled into our rooms. JoAnne, our cook for the week, and a long-time friend of Pastor Kevin's from Long Island, flew down yesterday ahead of our team to get the food supplies in order was also there to welcome us. Her daughter and grandson drove up from Florida to join us on our mission this week. At 9:30pm we drove over to Pastor Lenny's house and used the building on his property to give everyone a brief orientation and to practice our dances and dramas. The kids really did well and within an hour you could see the difference. We also lined up 2 groups of kids who will learn the Everything drama. We returned to our dorms and one of the groups did a brief walk thru of the drama. Tomorrow after lunch we are hoping to have them nail it and the will do it live tomorrow evening. The kids are so amped up and we're trying to get them to get some much needed sleep. Up and at 'em early tomorrow! Thanks for all your love and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys so glad you guys are finally situated! I'm sure The Lord is going to fulfill the purpose of which he has brought you there! Natalia why are you so afraid of the escalator! Hahahaha. We miss you and your cousins missed you yesterday too! Have an awesome time!! Give daddy a kiss from me!! Miss you Kevin!! You guys left right on time we r gonna have 100 degree weather here! Hope Georgia is cooler ! XoxoxoxoxoXXOOXoooxxx

Anonymous said...

Yo guys whuddup! Hope you all are havin fun on ur little trip; remember no making purple! Matt Anez, stay fresh as can be like always, Faith Dantona, your just the coolest middle-schooler ever! Donny and MarryAnn are the coolest parents! Donyell A.K.A Danielle Dantona; just keep doing you, stay baller. CDog out!

Yours truly,
The coolest senior you know
-Connor Costello!