Saturday, February 23, 2013

Romantic Getaway Days 3 & 4

I fell for it. On Thursday I was trying to score tickets to a dinner theater and I found myself being courted by a timeshare group giving us very discounted tickets if we would sit through their 2-hour presentation over breakfast with no pressure to buy. Shyeah right! Friday morning we went, had breakfast, sat through the schpeel, and took the tour. It was nice, but we had told them up front we don't make major financial decisions on the spot. 3 hours later, after no less than 4 sales reps took a shot at us, reconfiguring and coming all the way down from $60,000 to $7,000 we finally walked out sticking to our guns. I do believe that paying full price for the tickets probably would have been worth it. In any event, Ady and I had a good laugh about it all.

Yesterday was cold and rainy, so we went to Starbucks then to a restaurant on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach for a light lunch. We visited a few spots mostly just to kill time, then at 5pm we went to Pirates Voyage - a dinner theater. It was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed it. Back at the house we rented a movie and watched it together.

This morning we got up and ready, cleaned the house, then headed out at 10am and drove to the airport. We've had a very nice time together enjoying some much needed relaxation.

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