Sunday, November 4, 2012

We May Not Have Power, But We Got ...

Today we attended Shelter Rock Church for the first time as a family. We went to the Manhasset campus, and thanks to a generator, we were able to have some sound for the worship team and speaker, and we were also able to enjoy fellowship with hot coffee and cocoa. The Syosset campus did not have power, but also met. In spite of the circumstances, both campuses had great turnouts. There was a real atmosphere of hope and encouragement. After church we mingled for quite some time, meeting lots of folks, then we went out for lunch as a family. On the way home we stopped by Carvel and picked up an ice cream cake for everyone at the home we are staying in and had this written on it:

Tomorrow is my first official day of work. It sounds like it will be an abbreviated one due to the storm and the lack of gas for people to get around and power, but I am excited to see everyone. School has been cancelled yet again tomorrow for the girls. Their first day was supposed to be last Monday, but school has been cancelled every day so far. They are itching to go, but we just have to be patient and wait for the infrastructure of the Island to be able to support their return. Gas lines still crazy!

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