Saturday, November 3, 2012

Passing the Time During Hurricane Sandy

We are still without power, but we are blessed to be staying with a wonderful family from the church, and fortunately they have a generator. We are able to turn it on in the mornings and the evenings for a bit, so we are able to get hot showers. Other than that we are passing the time being entertained by watching the dogs and playing hours and hours of Dutch Blitz. Today Adriana worked for Chanel. Natalia and I decided to walk over to Shelter Rock's Syosset campus, but we accidentally turned left instead of right on one road and what was supposed to be a 2-mile walk there turned into 6 miles. We had a nice time together, though, and were able to get a ride back to the house. We have church tomorrow despite the fact that we do not have power at either campus. It will be great to meet some of the folks from the church. I am also looking forward to being able to see our house. Yesterday we were so busy unloading the van so Ady could go to work that I did not have a chance to look around. Praying we are able to get power back soon. I just spoke with our landlord and as of now there are no prospects of when it will be back up, so it's just sit and wait. Also, please pray for the gas situation here. Lines are hours long, and we heard reports today of a couple of people being shot for trying to cut in line. We are personally in good shape with gas (the kind for the car) and are just trying not to drive anywhere unnecessarily. 

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