Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 Things My Wife Does Well As A Mom

It's Mother's Day, and like most people I am reflecting on my own Mom. I am grateful for the wonderful mother that she was to me growing up which she continues to be to this day. I am also thinking about the incredible wife God has blessed me and the legacy of being a great mom she is continuing with our two daughters. Here are 3 things my wife does really well as a mom:

Makes sure she's present. Like many moms, my wife is a working mother. Nevertheless, she never lets work get in the way of her primary calling as mother. She does whatever she has to do in order to be there for her daughters' special events, games, and activities, no matter how small they might seem. Sometimes it's a sacrifice, but she knows she has a very small window of time to enjoy this season of life with her girls before it's gone. Our daughters know that they can always look over and see mom in the stands.

Ongoing conversations. One of my favorite things as a husband and father is observing the great relationship my wife has with our daughters. The hallmark of their relationship is consistent, ongoing conversation. She always knows what they're going through, and there isn't a topic that the girls can't come and talk to her about. No topic is too small, too big, too embarrassing, or too far out of bounds for them to talk about. The lines of communication are open and the dialogue is honest.

Makes sure she points to Jesus. Finally, the ultimate thing I appreciate about my wife as a mother is that she is God-centered and constantly points our daughters to Jesus. In every situation she tries to ask our daughters questions that will cause them to dig deeper and ask more spiritually significant questions. Why is God allowing you to go through this situation? How does God want you to grow? Who does God want you to reach? What is God doing and how does He want you to be involved? etc.

Happy Mother's Day Adriana! Thanks for being the mother of our children! I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Wow I feel very special that I have made it to your blog!! Thank you honey!! For your kind words and encouragement! Love you !!