Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Father-Daughter Date Night

This past Friday night we had a great Father-Daughter Date Night for our middle school girls and their dads. After dinner we went on a photo scavenger hunt. Here are the things they had to get photos of:
  • Father and Daughter in front of Southwest Community Church Thrift Shop. 
  • Father giving daughter flowers. 
  • Father and Daughter planking on the new Southwest Community Church Patio. 
  • Father reading to Daughter sitting on his lap in the Children’s Books section at Barnes and Noble. 
  • Father posing behind a grill. 
  • Daughter reading a wedding magazine and Father crying. 
  • Boy talking to Daughter and Father staring at boy with intimidating look. 
  • Father posing by a male mannequin. 
  • Daughter posing by a female mannequin. 
  • Father giving Daughter a kiss on the cheek. 
  • Dad holding an “It’s a Girl!” greeting card with Daughter next to him. 
  • Father and Daughter standing in front of Things Remembered. 
  • Daughter giving Father a kiss on the cheek. 
  • Father and Daughter in front of the water at The River. 
  • Father and Daughter in front of the Father and Daughter Date Night Poster in front of Ben and Jerry's.

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