Friday, November 15, 2013

Brought a Student Home Smelling Like Beer … Another Good Night of Youth Ministry!

Last night when I got home at 12:30am I received one of the best Tweets ever …

In the words of the great Paul Harvey: "And now … the rest of the story."

A couple of days ago I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted three tickets to the Knicks game. Seeing an opportunity to spend time with a couple of boys from our youth ministry, I said "yes" and invited Nathaniel and Connor to the game. Although the Knicks lost, we had a good time together. One of the things we will remember about the game is the drunk guy behind us who was just ranting the whole game.

As we were getting off the train, I grabbed Nathaniel's sweatshirt from the overhead rack for him and it was wet. I asked him what happened, and he said Drunk Dude spilled his beer and it ran down onto his sweatshirt. I smelled my hand, and yep, it smelled like beer! We joked and said he should wear it into the house and see what his mom said. As we were driving away from his house, Connor and I saw Nathaniel putting on his sweatshirt. "Is he really doing that?" Connor asked. When I got home, I received the Tweet from his mom and just died laughing!

O yeah, and Drunk Dude was kind enough to photo-bomb us so we would have the night indelibly marked in our memories. To me, this is youth ministry at it's finest. Building memories with students. Years from now we'll get together and say, "Hey, remember when …?" I hope the conversation will also include "I remember the conversation we had on the way home," but no matter what, I hope they remember that a caring adult who loves Jesus spent time with them.

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