Monday, September 26, 2011

New Painting ... Sunset from Our New Home

Last Friday we had an absolutely gorgeous sunset. While my painting doesn't do it justice, here's my artistic rendition of it. Below is the actual photo.


Stan said...

That is awesome Kevin!!!! You are so talented! Crazy!!! Now I want to hear a rap about the sunset that day!

Kevin Mahaffy, Jr. said...

A rhyme in honor of Stan's request ...

The sun was goin down
My mood was goin up
PK Dizzle rhymes
make you laugh or throw up

From the east to the west
He's never been the best
But he's mo funky than
Underarms without Zest

Or Suave or Axe
Whatever yo flavor is
Stan Kubica Art
Now fo real that's the shizz!

Stan said...

HA!!!! Niiiiiiice!!!! LOL